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Just when everyone thought that living on your own is easy and fun until you realize you will be the one who will provide and cook your own meal. I'm living on my own for the first time in the big city and decided I don't want to work everyday and spend $100 a week on food. So I need to figure out how to eat on a budget.

So today I will be sharing you some tips that I discover on how to save money and eating less highly processed food



1. Meal Prep! 

I know it's a lot of work, but trust me, it's also less expensive and also saves you a lot of time. Sunday is the best time and the most practical day to make meal prep as sometimes we tend to be lazy on the other 6 days of the week.



It's so simple to go out or order food. It's also easy to have someone prepare it for you while you relax, but it's so much expensive than making food for yourself, but after a week of meal prepping, meal planning and hoarding budget-friendly recipes, you will surely save some money and save time.


2. Shopping List is a must

I do believe in spontaneity, but when it comes to money and food I love to plan it all ahead. It's always best to know what you are getting prior to going to the grocery and make a list of it for you to save some bucks though we do have some surprise purchase, we could always make room for a little amount.



3. Keep it Simple

Choose a simple recipe that doesn't require a lot of ingredients which also means less time and less money to spend. A 3 dish recipe can also be flavorful as a recipe with 10 ingredients. 

Here are some simple recipe ideas: 

Breakfast: Oatmeal, peanut butter, jelly sandwich and eggs 


Lunch: Salad, Pasta, Turkey Sandwich 


Dinner: Burrito Bowl, Fajitas, Quesadillas 


Snacks: Try to buy some snacks that are on sale or in bulk but also best to incorporate some fruits.



4. Make your own tea or coffee

Because of my busy schedule and I need coffee everytime I start my job, I used to just walk to the nearest Starbucks and grab my favorite coffee, but the longer I do that I feel like it's draining my pocket. So aside from getting coffee at the coffee section here, I also bought some ground coffee and a coffee maker that I can just use whenever I need my coffee cravings. Having your own coffee at home is cost effective and it sure won't drain your pocket.


5. Stick to what is needed 


Ice cream, beer or Matcha latte, sure it's nice to splurge everyday with what you are craving every night, especially when you are stressed at work however this will seriously drain your account. It's okay to give in to your cravings once or twice a week, but this will not make you successful in eating on a budget. If you are a sweet tooth person like me and love to eat ice cream everyday I suggest you buy one carton of ice cream instead a small pint of ice cream.

These tips are the tips that I am using for the longest time and I am lucky to drop some savings on my account. These are very flexible so it's really up to you on how to use my little tips on how to eat on a budget.

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