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Being an Asian in America has opened my eyes in the food world that somehow I can't help but compare. I love Asian food as I grow up with it and eating in an Asian restaurant in America has a big difference when eating an authentic Asian food back home in the Philippines or in any Asian country I've been to.

When you think of Asian food all you think is Stir Fry. Sushi and more though these foods are delicious and cheap and these foods are being Americanized and lost its sense being an Asian food. So let me walk you through my top 4 Asian Food that has been Americanized.




1. Sushi

Sushi is one of my favorite Japanese food like I can eat it all day and when I went to Japan and found out that the traditional sushi never uses fruit, chicken, beef, avocado or even cream cheese. Authentic Japanese sushi uses raw fish such as salmon and tuna, and cucumber. In another part of the world like here in Los Angeles some of the sushi bars are using avocado, mango and chicken which is kinda weird but somehow it gives justice to still eat a sushi but don't get me started on sushi burrito.


2. Spring Rolls

Spring roll or what we call Lumpia in the Philippines is always present in every table in any event, but if you will visit some restaurant here in America they call this an egg roll even though the they don't have any egg ingredients in it. Most of the American Chinese restaurant made the spring roll looks like a burrito and often very hard and very chewy surface. The traditional spring rolls have a crispy surface and steamed vegetable or meat inside.


3. Pad Thai

I love Thai food, especially Pad Thai. The traditional Pad Thai consist of shrimp, flat noodles, fish sauces, peanuts and veggies. Some of the Thai restaurants here in America are using Ramen for noodles instead of it's authentic Thai flat noodles and uses chicken instead of Shrimp wherein it takes away the most important part of the dish.


4. Fortune Cookies

Believe it or not, but fortune cookies is not an Asian food and they are created by Americans. Just when we all thought that this was originated in China as we can get a lot of fortune cookies in Chinese restaurant, but this is just a cookie with a paper inside and a written Chinese word of wisdom.

There you go folks. There is still a lot of Asian food that was being Americanized so next time when you go to an Asian restaurant here in America try to compare the authentic Asian cooking.

One more tip before I go, do you know that an authentic Chinese food they use peanut oil instead of Olive oil or vegetable oil? Yes, because the peanut oil has more fat than the Olive oil that makes the food so good.

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