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Asia consists of 30% of the Earth's land and carries numerous attractions and vibrant dining scenes. With it's dishes widely known across the world, Asian Grocery presents the top 5 favorite Asian dishes that keep you wanting more:
Dim Sum 
Served in a small steamer basket stacked above one another, Dim Sum got its name from the Cantonese phrase which means little treasure of food. It has a variety of choices from light to hearty bites of dumplings, meatballs and tarts. Dim Sum is nice to eat during afternoon tea break.
Spring Rolls
This delightful roll enjoyed fried or wrapped in a fresh rice paper. Spring roll is among the favorite in most Asian countries like the Philippines and Vietnam. With Vietnam's fresh spring roll are light and refreshingly fragrant with raw ingredients such as lettuce, basil and mint leaves. For the fried one spring rolls are crunchy and carry a savory after bite. Spring rolls is definitely is good during the afternoon.
Sushi is a well-loved Japanese dish that is well known everywhere around the world. With so many sushi bars across the world, you can definitely not miss the taste of these bite sized rice rolls though the art of making Sushi is a challenging one that requires great precision in the technique and ingredients use.
Nothing beats having noodles on a cold weather. Noodles are originally from China and then later adopted by the Japanese and Koreans due to travel, trade, giving birth to a myriad of noodle savors from a hand pulled noodles, top ramen and Udon.
Curry is a universal dish found on every menu in Asia. They said Curry is originated from the Philippines, Indonesia, Malaysia and India. Curry is usually cooked with coconut milk, ginger and saffron and presented in different ways across each country.
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