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Stop your diet first because today is International No Diet Day! Yes! You hear it right. I'm not sure if that is a thing, but for us it is! Today is the day where we pause for a moment and go to the snack section and eat whatever we want. And today is a perfect day for us to get acquainted with Asian Snacks.

Asian Grocery 2 your door is proud to present the Top 5 Asian snacks that you should try!


1. Matcha Flavor Snacks 

Who doesn't know about Matcha? It's one of the popular flavors that Japan produces. With itshealthy benefits and sweet taste you sure no longer scare to eat something green. There are many snacks like Match Flavor Pocky,


2. Seaweed Snacks

Aside from our favorite sushi, we also do love the seaweed wrap. It has a healthy benefits that even though you got to pause your diet for a while this seaweed snack will do. Our favorite one is Tao Kae Noi, what's yours?


3. Filipino Snacks 

Boy brown is one of the famous corn snack from the Philippines. If you are into corn and garlic and loves to nibble. Boy Bawang is one of the Filipino snack you should try.


4. Crispy Rice Cake

Rice cake crispy is everyone's favorite as you can pair it with anything. Try the  Hahn Shyuan Food - Crispy Rice Cake  and pair it with soup or just eat it alone.


5. Mochi


Chew on this soft Japanese rice cake made of mochigome. Which is pounded into paste and molded into desired shape. Our favorite is the Bamboo House Taro Mocha flavor mochi


So which Asian Snacks would you like to try? I swear they are all good. Grab some now at our shop and we will give you a $20 disount off on your first order.


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