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Asian Dishes that greatly deceived us!

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Some of us has some fair share of bad food experiences where the food is not as good as the reviews or the price is not right or it's totally different from what it looks like in the picture and in real life. Now imagine something worse, like being told that the porridge you had is frog instead of chicken, that the ice cream flavor is wasabi instead of Matcha.
We take our food seriously, so finding out that our favorite dishes aren't what they appear to be may send us to shock. Cross your finger now as Asian Grocery 2 your door the 3 dishes that deceived us all.
1. Kimchi
Kimchi is conceived during the 7th century and considered to be the healthiest food in the world aside from being the most staple food in Korea. Kpop and KDrama is becoming popular in the country that you will find a lot of Korean restaurant chains around California and other state. Aside from the lack of an adorable elderly Korean aunty and misspelled menu. Some of the kimchi in non authentic Korean restaurants are from China. Yes, you heard it right. This Asian cuisine invasion is not only happening here in the state, but also in most part of the world where Kpop became popular and that includes Korea. Imagine having Korean Kimchi from China. Your Kdrama imagination will fade.
2. Vindaloo Curry
Vindaloo curry is a big hit in Europe and America and arguably the most popular Indian dish outside India. It's recipe can be traced back in the Catholic community in Goa, India, howeverdo you know that originally this is from Portugal. The word Vindaloo is a garbled pronunciation of “vinha d’alhos” which means it's a meat marinated in wine-vinegar and garlic in Portuguese. This dish made its way in India during the 15th Century by a Portuguese explorer and its recipe was tweaked in a local conditions for there are no wine-vinegar in India at that time. Lucky in Goa there are many restaurants that are still staying faithful to their Portuguese roots.
3. Wasabi
I guess we all know the tear-jerking and kicked ass taste of wasabi right? Thanks to our friendly neighborhood sushi bar this green paste is always present, but do you know that the real deal is different. Most of the wasabi in Japan is no longer a cut with horseradish and green food coloring. It tastes sweet like yet medicinal-like. Despite it's popular demand in some authentic Japanese restaurant some of them are using its fake counterpart, mainly because fresh wasabi loses its flavor in 15 minutes after grating.
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