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Everything Spices and Herbs

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Let's admit it Spices and Herbs are one one of the key ingredients that we need to make our food taste good. Centuries ago Spices were worth their weight in gold because of the benefits that it brings to the food. In fact, there's a whole wide range of health benefits just waiting for you on your kitchen cabinet whether adding a dash of red pepper or a touch of oregano, you will find that spices and herbs is much better than fruits and vegetable.

Asian Grocery to your door will help you illustrate all the incredible health benefits that spices can offer and give you some tips on how to create a masterpiece in the kitchen using this top 5 famous spices and herbs.


Garlic is known to be the most versatile ingredients. The taste of garlic is slightly savory with a delicious little kick. We love garlic in every dish and we recommend it doing too. From hearty steak, stir fry, a nice casserole or even on rice. 

For centuries garlic is known to be the most popular herbal remedies. It has been used as a cure or prevention for everything like bad cough.



Cinnamon has the taste of semi-sweet, very complex and really impossible to be compared with anything else. This spice is very common for breakfast and desserts.

Cinnamon has a very surprising health benefits that can reduce blood sugar level, LDL Cholesterol and total cholestorol with people suffering from 2 type diabetes that is why recommend you use cinnamon with your hot chocolate, oatmeal, cookies, coffee and ice cream. 



Oregano adds a great depth and complexity to any dish however it taste it's flavor is can be somewhat pungent. Oregano has high in anti-oxidants, fiber, iron and omega 3 fatty acids. 

Oregano goes to well with pasta sauce, pizza, eggplant and any meat. 



Sesame seeds is commonly appreciated with it's rich and nutty flavor. Sesame seeds offers a wide variety of healthy benefits which are rich ant-oxidants, excelent source of calcium , copper, magnesium, phosphorous, vitamin e, zinc, protein and fiber.

Sesame seeds are often used on various type of pastries such as ham burger bun or in crackers and in because of it's seeds color that is quite striking, sesame seeds is very popular for garnish and decoration.



Pepper can be in any form like black, white and red which offers a various of tastes and are ideal in different food. Black and white pepper has similar health benefits wherein they are rich in anti-oxidants, iron, vitamin k, manganese and have a positive results for intestinal health. While red pepper is high in vitamin A content and has been a big help when it comes to blood clots. 

Black pepper is more appropriate for meat, potatoes, eggs or any savory food. Red pepper is a bit more spicy and can work for soups, pastry and noodles. White pepper has lighter taste so this is good with lighter foods like salad.


We hope that this blog helps you to understand the great help of spices and herbs. Not only just in their capacity to add flavors to your food but also make us healthier, happier and live longer. Don't forget to drop by our spices section here to achieve that asian taste that you've been craving for.

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