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In the culinary world chili sauce is a generic word, it can be sauce, dressing, glaze, dips, marinades or relish that contains plentiful amount of chilies or hot pepper and which imparts a good amount of pungent hot flavor. If you trace the history of chili sauce , it can be found that  variants of it were existence in different culinary cultures of the world since it's ancient times.

When it comes to Ancient cuisines, chili sauce normally limit itself to chili sauce and paste. In East and Southeast Asian countries, many types of chili sauce are based on pungency level and can be an addition in to other flavor.

Asian Grocery to your door will evaluate the top 5 best chili sauce in the market.

Sri Racha Hot Chili Sauce

Sriracha hot chili sauce is one of the famous hot chili sauce and known by the town name where it was initially produced. Sriracha becomes the epitome of hot chili sauce. Sriracha sauce are named after a famous town in Sri Racha Thailand. There are a lot of Thai Brands that produces the Sriracha sauce like Flying Goose and Suree brand but the famous Sriracha brand was produced in the US which is the Huy Fong's Sriracha sauce or also called the rooster sauce because of the rooster icon on the bottle.

Sriracha used a large percentage of sun ripped chili peppers and also get it's crisps flavor with the addition of garlic and vinegar.


Tabasco Pepper Sauce

Tabasco pepper sauce is a US-base brand which was originally produced in Mexico based on an inspiration from Cajun, Carribean, Mexican and European cuisine. Tabasco was named after a Mexican variety of chili pepper. 

Lee Kum Kee Chili Bean Sauce (Doubanjiang)

Doubinjang or Toban Djan is an ethnic Chinese Chili bean sauce that is widely used in Shichuan China. Doubinjang is a unique preparation of salted chili peppers, soybean and fermented broad bean paste.  This is also called as Pixian chili bean as it's origin is being traced in Pidu district in the province Szechuan. Once of the famous cuisine that is used for this is Kung-Pao chicken along with any stir-fry dishes.

Korean Red Pepper Paste (Gochujang)


Gochujang is an ethnic Korean red pepper paste in Korean language.  Gochujang is a spicy condiment that enhanced with sweet and savory flavors. This is traditionally made of red chili pepper, fermented soybeans, glutinous rice, malt and salt. Gochujang is often paired to Japanese Miso that makes it spicier while also attributing subtle sweet and smoky flavors. 


Mae Pranom Thai Chilli Paste

Mae Pranom Thai Chili Paste is Thailand's authentic brand based on six decades old original recipe launched initially by the company on 1959. This Thai Chilli paste goes smoothly well with a range of native Thai dishes including Tom Yum  soup, stir-fry dishes, and Thai style spicy sandwiches.


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