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We have seen a lot of people who are following the balanced diet at least in a period of time but ended it right away because of a complain that the food is not delicious. For a food lover, balanced diet turns out a nightmare since healthy food is equated to food dishes that are lacking of taste and sense which are plain and bland flavors. 

But hey we have a good news for you. Don't you know that Asian food is normally regarded as one of the tastiest and  miraculously a healthy one. This means, when preparing Asian food dishes like Chinese and Japanese cuisines are carefully and selectively prepared which can help you in your diet affair.

The Chinese way of eating a balanced Diet

The Chinese way of eating is good for you, it is healthy, fulfilling, fight illness and prolong life because of how the Chinese food prepare their food. A good Chinese Diet balances Yin which is wet and moist and Yang which is dry and crisp ingredients. What Yin food does is to cool our body down while Yang food is to heat up our body. The multi-dish and sharing approach in eating in China are mostly found in hot pot preparation.



Chinese dish provides balance eating and nutrition, it provides everything that your body and metabolism needs to be healthy. Chinese dish avoids sugar and nutrient free food. Here in the US the vegetables is an add on to any Chinese dish but in the Chinese authentic cuisine, vegetables are put in central position. Chinese always believe that the big portion of the vegetables can balanced a small portion of meat. When it comes to Chinese food they are low in sugar, refined carbs and high fat which enables the body to easily recognize when it's full, that's why people who eat Chinese food eat more appropriate amount of food.

The Japanese way of eating and their culture

Traditional Japanese way of eating reflects into simple and seasonal ingredients wherein the aim is to feel light in the stomach. Cooked rice, pickled vegetables, fish and meat are the staple choice. Japanese consumes a lot of fish compared to any other Asian countries that Sashimi and Sushi became more popular in the US wherein you can see a lot of Sushi bar in every corner.

Just like Chinese, Japanese also consumes a good amount of vegetables both land and sea vegetables like the seaweed which is full of health boosting minerals. Seaweed was also believes to help with blood pressure and they are often consumed in Japan with breakfast or as a dessert.



When it comes to diet, Japanese are also a big fan of green tea and in particular matcha tea which gains it's popularity worldwide. Matcha is a ground powder green tea that is most valued for it's high antioxidant compounds known as catechins. These products are linked to medical benefits such as reduction in the heart disease and some cancers because their diet is lean and balanced. Processed Western food are now linking to an array of health issues because of the lack of Japanese plate. Japanese people are known for their long life because of their dietary habits.

Balanced Vegan Diet

We are all becoming conscious with our health and in particular people are more conscious to our environment and the impact of what is having on our future wherein being a vegan becomes more popular. The vegan diet traces back to Asian cuisine and culture with the use of coconut milk instead of dairy and butter as well as the use of spices, beans, rice and noodles.

Veganism or vegan diet includes adopting a plant based culture it is often prescribed as a way to stay healthy while treating animals with more compassion and empathy. As you may know Chinese has a lot of meat-based food however there are also some vegan alternative to meat like Chinese mapo tufo, vegetable fried rice, veggie chow mien, steamed rice and more are some of the example.



Nature's Charm is one of the famous vegan canned products from Thailand. They offer coconut based caramel sauce, butterscotch sauces, chocolate sauce and many more. Their range of products are also includes jackfruit, banana and more.

A balanced diet should give enough nutrients to function well as Asian diet has food dishes that are more healthy with it's multitude food ingredients with nutrients and minerals in the right amount of proportion. So thinking of living a healthy balanced diet in an Asian way? Don't forget to check out our wide array of Asian flavors here.

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