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The Bubble Tea Saga

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Bubble tea or Bobba Tea is relatively new in western world. Even in the US especially here in California, bubble tea is becoming a sought-after drink not only by Asians but by people of all nationalities.

Before I tell you what are the famous Bubble Tea here in California let us learn first the history of Bubble Tea.

What is a bubble tea?

Bubble Tea is an Asian drink specialty prepared using a range of ingredients such as tea, milk, fruits juices, sugar and more.But what makes the Bubble Tea called a bubble tea it is because of the chewiness of a tapioca pearls or what they simple called Bubble.


Bubble Tea is known in different names like boba tea, milk tea, bubble tea or simply Boba. Boba is also known as tapioca balls which is made from using tapioca starch, sugar, seasonings, water and jelly giving it smooth and translucent appearance. Black tapioca pearls are used and the most popular one followed by the white one and they are also available in different sizes and colors.

The History of Bubble Tea

Bubble Tea is originated in Taiwan and invented in early 1980's. The invention of bubble tea is attributed to a Taiwanese beverage visionary named Liu Han-Chen though there are no strong evidence to support this claim however it is backed up by the numerous presence of some bubble tea stalls in the streets of Taiwan and Hong Kong.

They said Liu got the inspiration from the Chinese Tea culture and Japanese cold tea serving method to make a bubble tea. Bubble Tea was accidentally found by one of Liu's employee when he accidentally dropped a Taiwanese Tapioca based pudding into a glass of cold tea and felt it tasted amazing.

The new found drink became viral in Taiwan. When other beverages makers and shop owners noticed that drinks with tapioca balls are more so they started adding tapioca balls on their drink. Taiwan created a bubble tea revolution wherein it is not only famous in Taiwan but in all part of the world.

Different type of Bubble Tea

Bubble tea was initially launched as a cold drink and then later began to served in hot and cold varieties according to the choice of the people although the cold ones are the most demanded. There are many customization happen to bubble tea that is mainly based on fruit tea and fruit juice. 

What is your favorite Bubble Tea flavor? Don't forget to drop by our Tea Section here to get an instant bubble tea fix.

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