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Noodles have appeared in various cultures and cuisine across the globe. With Asia produce different variant of noodles, you may get lost in all the options. From salty, savory ramen dish, spicy korean noodles to sweet pad thai we will help you out choose the best noodles for you.



Asian Vermicelli is totally different from Italian Vermicelli as the Italian makes their with wheat and make their noodles thicker while Asians use rice flour. Vermicelli is also known as Rice sticks or Rice Vermicelli.

If you are in a diet, Vermicelli is the best noodles to eat as it is fat free, cholesterol free and low sodium content.



Ramen noodles are probably the most widely known noodles across America. They are available in fresh and package form. Ramen is normally a salty, savory salty meal with broth and possible toppings like seaweed, corn, sliced pork, green onions and egg. Ramen is very popular with pretty much in every corner of Japan offering it's own take of Ramen.



Udon are thick, wheat flour noodles that are very popular in Japanese cuisine. They can be either square or round and they puff up when noodles cooked. Udon was first introduced to the Japanese by the Buddhist priest around 9th century A.D. when traveled to China and returned with the noodle recipe.



Soba are long thin and thin and are made of from buckwheat flour. Buckwheat is not a wheat at all, it is classified as pseudo cereal. Soba can be eaten cold or hot and are noted as being high in energy, antioxidants, various essential nutrients like thiamine and riboflavin, and for all 8 types of amino acids necessary for human function.



Shirataki can be either dark or opaque or light or translucent. Shiratki is a versatile noodles made from the root of the konjac flower in Asia. They are currently sweeping across the nation as the next big healthy food. The noodles is pretty tasteless but they will absorb the flavor of whatever they are prepared with.


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