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As I sit here with 2 cups of coffee in an outskirt suburban town somewhere in South East Asia it makes me think, what to write, then I look to my cup and said why don't I write the coffee culture in South East Asia.

I am a big fan of coffee and loves to travel. I have been anywhere around Southeast Asia and everywhere I go I always look for a coffee shop to drink their local coffee so today let me tell you about the coffee culture in Southeast Asia.


Coffee has been grown and consumed in Southeast Asia since the late seventeenth century and since then every country has developed their own coffee.
Guide to drinking coffee in Southeast Asia


 In Thailand specifically in Northern Chang Mai coffee shops are everywhere specially on the street where they have stalls dishing out delicious Thai-style coffee. The coffee in Thailand has started to pick up and take hold for the last decade. The history of coffee in Thailand goes back to the Chang Mai Arabica market and the Royal Thai Project that was created  by King, Bhumibol Adulyadej in 1969. The superb quality of coffee that is being produced today as well as the culture of sustainability, has resulted in Thailand becoming one of the leading countries for coffee production in Asia.



Vietnam is one of the largest exporter of coffee, however only 8% domestic consumption of the beans produced. It was the French colonist who introduced the coffee in Vietnam that has become the local habit every morning. There are variations of drinking coffee that is yoghurt, eggs and even fruit. It is certain that Vietnam develop their own style of coffee.[



Malaysia never focuses on growing coffee as they mainly export and producing palm oil, rubber, sugar and tea. Due to country's domestic coffee market starting to take off, changes have been visible lately, especially in Kuala Lumpur as they thrive their well educated middle class coffee culture at high especially the coffee market these days are getting expensive.


The traditional Cambodian coffee started with the French Colonists in the 1700's where they prepare coffee by roasting until nearly black, mainly by using vegetable fat. Once beans has been roasted, they are ground up and this fine powder is used to brew a very rich and dark coffee and mostly the coffee are brewed using either a cloth sock-like sleeve.


Unique has a unique tradition when it comes to their coffee. The coupe is what Indonesian called their coffee wherein they usually brew it in a cloth pouch. This cloth pouch is rinsed but rarely washed between each brew, meaning it develops a distinct savory flavor. They also traditionally roast coffee beans in a wok with butter and kernels of corn wherein it gives a certain sweetness to the coffee alongside a depth of flavor unlike anywhere else in the world.

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